To put it simply . . . I like what I see.

Ever since I was a child, I loved observing and was always fascinated with what I saw. Not just sunsets and beautiful views (which I still believe are underrated) but I consider myself lucky enough to see glorious moments in the simple instances that happen when I look out the passenger window. Beautiful fleeting moments, like when a person's eyes twinkle when he first catches sight of the person he had been waiting for, or the young girl who stiffens with an air of protectiveness over her younger sibling when another child approaches, or when a person pats the seat of a nearby chair as an invitation to sit down next to them.

To answer the question asked of me by that one girl giving me the bug-eye in my third grade class, "Yes, I do have a staring problem."

When my mother gave me my first camera (a Canon Sure Shot 35mm) in fifth grade, I found that I could capture my "staring problems" and stare at them again whenever I wanted. Best thing ever.


Our company has used Adriana Green for a variety of different projects over the last 10 years from creating basic business cards to a total web site redesign. She’s always been great to work with. She delivers high quality work on time. Most importantly she communicates well throughout the entire process. We plan on continuing with Adriana for all of our creative marketing needs and are happy to serve as a reference for her work.
— Leonard Spoto, Principal, Asset Exchange Company
Adriana Green has the eye of a photographer, a way of capturing a scene that brings out the best in people and their surroundings, organically, never in a staged ‘smile at the camera’ style. Her sense of compassion and love of life shines through in each shot she takes. She captures details that others miss. If you need a photographer for an event, the answer is Adriana Green.
— Spencer Thompson
Adriana’s work is breathtaking! She captured our special day with such care and attention to detail. I will cherish her photos forever. I couldn’t ask for better memories and highly recommend her services. Thank you, Adriana!
— Madeline Warren Tanguay
Adriana! These pictures are so, so very beautiful! Reina is a beautiful, gorgeous girl and you captured her innocence and unassuming beauty so well. You are an incredibly talented photographer and Alexandra’s makeup and hair is exquisite!
— Lizette Marx